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To contribute to the Holocaust Memorial Observances of Greeley & Northern Colorado please click the DONATE button or to donate by mail, please make your checks payable to HMOC and send to:

Holocaust Memorial Observances
151 Bayside Circle
Windsor, CO 80550





Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Committee is to plan and implement Holocaust commemoration centered in Greeley and Northern Colorado, to inform and educate about the perils of prejudice, racism , hatred, and bigotry from the perspective of the European Holocaust, so that persons, groups, or governments never again inflict such atrocities.




Holocaust Memorial Observances 2024

Click here for the pdf brochure.
6 PM

Interfaith Memorial Service

Beth Israel Congregation
1625 Reservoir Road Greeley, CO

Officiators: Rabbi Moshe Halfon, Reverend Rick Mawson, Reverend Tamara Torres McGovern and Reverend John Bliss

All are invited to gather for an interfaith service to pay homage to those who lost their lives, give thanks for those who survived, and honor those who risked their lives to save others. Building on rich traditions and shared hope for the future, there will be prayer and inspirational readings to reflect the Holocaust era. The service will include a Litany of the Martyrs and musical selections provided by Klezmer Chaver with Riley Anne Martin on vocals and Hamish Vipond on guitar.

11 AM - 1 PM

Holocaust Images and Poster Display

Unitarian Universalist Church
929 15th Street, Greeley, CO


Tuesday 11 AM - 1 PM
Thursday 11 AM - 1 PM

2 PM

Holocaust Survivor Presentation: Barbara Steinmetz

Eaton High School
200 Park Avenue, Eaton, CO

Open to Eaton High School students only

3:30 PM

Reception with Holocaust Survivor: Barbara Steinmetz

Eaton Public Library
123 Maple Avenue, Eaton, CO

6 PM

Holocaust Book Discussion: The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis

Centennial Park Branch Library
2227 23rd Avenue, Greeley, CO

Martin Amis again returns to the theme of the Shoah with an astonishing portrayal of life in “the zone of interest,” the Nazis’ euphemism for Auschwitz. Weaving together three narrative threads, Amis creates a searing, profound and darkly funny portrait of the most infamous place in history. Join us for a discussion of the book and then attend a free screening of the award-winning film on Wednesday at the Kress Cinema and Lounge.

Complimentary copies of the book will be available while supplies last at the following location:

Unitarian Universalist Church
929 15th Street, Greeley, CO
Sunday March 24 // 11 AM to 12:45 PM
Monday March 25 // 5:15 - 6:15 PM

9 AM

Holocaust Survivor Presentation: Barbara Steinmetz

Union Colony Civic Center
701 10th Avenue, Greeley, CO

Open to District 6, 8th grade students only

7 PM

Holocaust Survivor Presentation: Barbara Steinmetz

Aims Community College
5401 West 20th Street, Greeley, CO
Welcome Center Building Auditorium

Musical selections provided by Klezmer Chaver with Anne Riley Martin on vocals.

12:15 PM

The 18 Ingredients of Fascism: How to Identify Fascism in the Past and Present

Aims Community College
4901 West 20th Street, Greeley, CO
Student Commons, Room 114

PRESENTER: Dr. Michael Booker

This presentation will explore the 18 most common historical and ideological components that make up political fascism. Dr. Booker will specifically explore 18 ingredients of fascism to gain a deeper understanding of how, together, these ingredients created the tumultuous cocktail of events that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. It will also explore the relevance of these ingredients of fascism in today’s world. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to unravel the complex layers of fascist ideology in both the past and present.

6 PM

The Zone of Interest (2023) film screening
106 minutes: PG-13

Kress Cinema and Lounge
1817 8th Avenue, Greeley, CO

Dispassionately examining the ordinary existence of people complicit in horrific crimes, The Zone of Interest forces the viewer to take a cold look at mundanity behind an unforgivable brutality. Winner of both the Grand Prix and FIPRESCI prize. The screening is free but consider arriving early to secure your seat. A moderated discussion will follow the screening.

10 AM - 12 PM

East Valley JCC Auschwitz Virtual Live Tour

An Auschwitz Virtual Live Tour provides a unique learning experience about the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, using historical footage, Holocaust survivor testimonies, photographic panoramas, and modern animation combined with virtual reality tools to reveal the horrors that occurred in the infamous camp. The group tours are live, led by expert guides in Poland who can answer questions an interact with participants during the tour.

Please plan to attend the entire event.
40 available seats

To register, email Jeri Kraver at jeraldine.kraver@unco.edu.

6 PM

Farewell, Mr. Haffmann (2021) film screening
116 minutes: TV-14

University of Northern Colorado, Lindou Auditorium
1400 22nd Street, Greeley, CO

The legendary Daniel Auteuil gives one of his most superlative screen performances in the gripping historical drama. Jeweler Joseph Haffmann, fearing the worst in occupied Paris, arranges for his family to flee the city, entrusting his store to an assistant. But when Joseph’s attempts to escape are thwarted, he is forced to seek the protection of his assistant, a risky proposition at best, a proposition that assumes Faustian dimensions and forever changes the fates of both families. This film is presented in partnership with the International Film Series. A moderated discussion will follow the screening.

1 PM

The Auschwitz Report (2021) film screening
95 minutes: NR

LINC Library
501 8th Avenue, Greeley, CO

Based on the true story of two young Slovak Jews who were deported to Auschwitz in 1942. On April 10, 1944, after meticulous planning and with the help and the resilience of their inmates, they manage to escape, enduring an arduous journey back to Slovakia. Managing to connect with the local resistance and the Red Cross, they compile a report detailing the systemic genocide at the camp. But with Nazi propaganda and international liaisons still in place, their story is met with disbelief and quietly discredited. A moderated discussion will follow the screening.

10:30 AM

The Holocaust in Comic Books

LINC Library
501 8th Avenue, Greeley, CO

Holocaust educators Selena Naumoff and Erin Christian will discuss the ways in which many comic book artists used their craft to give witness to those who experienced the Holocaust. They will focus on Captain America, Maus, Chutz-POW, Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaptation, among others, to illustrate how comic books and graphic novels have become an important resource in teaching students about the Holocaust since the passage of Colorado HB20-1336. The bill requires the satisfactory completion of a course that includes Holocaust and genocide studies as a condition of high school graduation in public schools.

12 PM

Klezmer Concert

Unitarian Universalist Church
929 15th Street, Greeley, CO

The entire genre of Klezmer music was nearly wiped out during the Holocaust but has seen a major revival in recent years. Join us for an afternoon concert by Jewish composers who died during the Holocaust and other marginalized groups who were almost erased from history by the Nazi regime. Performance provided by Klezmer Chaver: Royston Hunget on violin, Ed Secor on clarinet and Ben Cohen on piano.


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